The meaning of the “first travel” of a person who travels a lot

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The meaning of the “first travel” of a person who travels a lot

Question:I always travel and according to the rulings of Imam Khomeini I should perform prayers complete except the first travel, but I work on a ship and I don’t know where my first travel begins, which brings about the following questions 1- Does the travel from home to seaport before joining the ship is considered as the first travel (because this travel is the prerequisite of the main travel)? 2- Or the travel begins from joining the ship and continues until reaching the destination (there is the possibility of staying some other days in seaport before departure)? 3- Is the beginning of the travel marked by moving from the source port until reaching the destination?
Answer: Your going out of your house to the work place and then going to sail from there until reaching the destination are all consider as one travel.
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